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-------- AUTHOR: Little Tobacco DATE: 8/23/2005 10:06:00 a.m. TITLE: SES Research - Successor Poll - McKenna is the Man ----- BODY:
McKenna is the best of the Liberal Camp and he is leading the way as the successor to Martin. Over in the Tory camp .... there is no real winner. More here.
-------- AUTHOR: Little Tobacco DATE: 8/17/2005 12:39:00 p.m. TITLE: Colby Cosh & the War on drugs ----- BODY:
Cosh is on fire in this it all
-------- AUTHOR: Little Tobacco DATE: 8/17/2005 12:25:00 p.m. TITLE: Jean an Excellent Choice by PM ----- BODY:
Who believes that the appointment of a probable separtist and French National to the position of Governor General will have any effect on the electorate in vote rich Ontario? No one. Jean is an excellent political appointment. Popular in Quebec, where a majority government lies, Jean is of the demographic that downtown Toronto wants to see. And it is yet another message to CBC reporters that loyalty will be rewarded .

Update: Colby Cosh has an intersting take. An I am saying that those calling for Jean to tell how she voted a secret ballot are childish at best.
-------- AUTHOR: Little Tobacco DATE: 8/16/2005 11:45:00 a.m. TITLE: Latest SES Research Poll ----- BODY:
As I have said before, SES seems to be the most accurate polling company out there and according to their latest poll The Tories are on a free-fall from which it is unlikely that they will recover unless Harper is replaced. Forget Gomery. The Libs will orchestrate the government's demise and the press will spin it to the Libs favor. If anyone thinks that Martin et al are going to allow the CBC to lockout their most loyal reporters for long, they are nuts. Here is the poll summary by Nik Nanos:

To follow are the results of our latest national poll
completed last week.

Our national survey completed Monday August 8, 2005 shows the Liberals with a 14 point lead over the Conservatives. Martin leads Layton as best PM by 16 points and 39% of Canadians would describe Liberal government performance as average.

"The big Liberal gains were in Quebec where they increased their support from 21% to 34% while the Conservatives have dropped from 11% to 4%."

"Polling clearly shows that Stephen Harper's image is in a free fall. In the past 90 days the percentage of Canadians who believe he would make the best Prime Minister has dropped from 27% to 14%. Jack Layton has mathematically placed second, the first time in SES Best PM tracking."

"The other dramatic move has been the number of Canadians who chose "none of the above" as their best PM. This has more than doubled from 8% to 19%. This is truly our summer of discontent.

Paul Martin still rates as the first choice of Canadians at 31%, 16 points ahead of his
nearest rival."

Polling August 4th to August 8th, 2005 random telephone survey of 1,000 Canadians, MoE ± 3.1%, 19 times out of 20). Percentages
may not add up to 100 due to rounding.
Canada - Ballot (Change from Previous
Quarter, N= 865 Decided voters, MoE ± 3.4%, 19 times out of 20) LIB - 39% (+3)
CP - 25% (-5) NDP -19% (+1) BQ - 13% (+1) GP - 5% (+1) *14% were undecided (+2)
Best PM (Change from Previous Quarter, N=1,000) Martin - 31% (-1) Layton -
15% (0) Harper - 14% (-13) Duceppe - 8% (+2) None - 19% (+11) Undecided - 13%
Government Performance (Change from Previous Quarter, N=1,000) Very
good - 6% (0) Somewhat good - 21% (+4) Average - 39% (+8) Somewhat poor - 17%
(-1) Very poor - 16% (-9) Unsure - 2% (-1)
To receive instant notification
of our latest polls, visit the SES website at
Feel free to
forward this e-mail.

-------- AUTHOR: Little Tobacco DATE: 8/13/2005 02:42:00 p.m. TITLE: It's A Girl! ----- BODY:
We are going name her Annie.
-------- AUTHOR: Little Tobacco DATE: 8/11/2005 09:44:00 p.m. TITLE: Canadians Should Listen to Ben Franklin ----- BODY:
In light of this in The Globe and Mail ......
Canadians overwhelmingly pick tough security measures over civil liberties
as terrorist attacks abroad fuel a climate of fear at home, a new poll has

...Canadians should turn to Ben Franklin who told Americans that anyone who would forego liberty for security deserves to have neither.
-------- AUTHOR: Little Tobacco DATE: 8/10/2005 07:57:00 a.m. TITLE: Apparently the problem is a lack of Foreign Aid ----- BODY:
The last I heard from Bono or God Beldoff, Africa's problems all stemmed from a lack of foreign aid. Apparently corrupt, crackpot, rulers have nothing to do with it. Nothing whatsoever:

Niger's president played down the food crisis ravaging his desert country,
insisting yesterday that people in the impoverished West African country "look

In an interview with the British Broadcasting Corp., President Mamadou
Tandja acknowledged a devastating locust invasion last year and poor rains have
produced food shortages. But he said that was not unusual for his country or for
the entire Sahel region, a semi-desert scrubland that straddles the southern
edge of the Sahara desert.

"We are experiencing like all the countries in the Sahel a food crisis
due to the poor harvest and the locust attacks of 2004," Tandja told the BBC.

"The people of Niger look well-fed, as you can see."

TV networks have for weeks broadcast images of severely malnourished,
skeletal children in Niger, many too weak to brush flies from their faces.
Scores have died.

The United Nations says the combined effects of drought and crop-destroying locusts have left some 3.6 million people facing severe food shortages in Niger. Children are most at risk, with some 800,000 under the age of five who need to be fed urgently, the United Nations says.

Tandja said the reports of famine were "false propaganda" that had been
used by the United Nations, aid agencies and opposition parties for political
and economic gain.

"It is only by deception that such agencies receive funding," Tandja said.

-------- AUTHOR: Little Tobacco DATE: 8/10/2005 06:03:00 a.m. TITLE: Stop American Guns ----- BODY:
The Toronto Mayor and the Ontario Premier want a stop to American Guns sneaking over the border, coming into Toronto and shooting innocent bystanders in the Jane & Finch area. It seems the American Guns have come north to start a turf war between rival gangs of peace-loving Rastafarians in that neighbourhood. However, despite the Mayors announcement that all Torontonians, in every neighborhood, have the right to live without fear of American Guns, and despite the Ontario Premier's pressing of the US ambassador to arrest those American Guns before they cross the border, the American Guns just keep on coming and they are more brazen than ever.

American Guns, unlike their registered, peace-loving Canadian counterparts, shoot indiscriminately into crowds of innocent bystanders.

American Guns apparently are affiliated with American-Style Health care and it has long been rumored that if people like Mayor David Miller, Premier Dalton McGuinty, NDP leader Jack Layton and Prime Minister Paul Martin are not elected to protect us, American Guns and American-Style Health Care will soon come to dominate the peace-loving and progressive Canada.
-------- AUTHOR: Little Tobacco DATE: 8/08/2005 08:55:00 p.m. TITLE: Individual rights vs the state ...Ianism vs. Colbert ----- BODY:
I was taking a quick look at the London Fog when I came across a post referencing Ianism and Brent Colbert and some ongoing dispute. I passed comment in the comment section and went on my way. Then I stopped by Ianism and there is some crazy stuff going on with Ian hounding Brent Colbert on an integrity issue. Here is the latest link and I believe that you can work your way back to the beginning.

On a quick peruse, it would appear that it all started with a Brent Colbert post supporting the extradition of Marc Emery for selling marijuana seeds to the United States or something to do with property rights. Anyone who reads my stuff will know where I stand on that issue (hint: I am not with Colbert and may well be high while I am writing this. I may not be. It is none of your business what I do in my own house).

Colbert is kind of into that rights colliding argument which is so popular with conservatives and socialists ( they share in common the desire to use the power of the state to force certain behaviors), forgetting that rights are vs. the state, not another individual.

However, what is happening at Ianism has gone well beyond the simple debate over politics. It has gotten somewhat nasty and is attracting a crowd.
-------- AUTHOR: Little Tobacco DATE: 8/08/2005 12:11:00 p.m. TITLE: I know that it has been a while ... ----- BODY:
...but I have been busy. The Toronto Star is the reason that I write and this little piece of crap editorial ....

Harper misses the bus
Conservative leader Stephen Harper took a short four-block ride on the King Street streetcar last week, part of a public relations campaign to convince voters in the Greater Toronto Area that he really does understand and care about the problems they face on a daily basis.
It's a hard sell, though, because Harper appears out of step with the real concerns
of voters in this region.
It was never more obvious than with his announcement, made just before he jumped on the streetcar, that, if elected, the Conservatives would introduce a 16 per cent tax break on fare passes for riders who use mass transit, such as streetcars, buses and GO Transit trains.
Under the plan, commuters who regularly ride TTC buses or streetcars would save $153 a year, based on an $80 monthly pass. GO riders would get rebates up to $485.
Harper contends his plan will increase ridership on mass transit, thus resulting in extra revenues for transit authorities to modernize and extend their systems.
At the same time, he argues the program will help the environment by reducing pollution caused by commuting cars. According to Harper, the plan is better than Kyoto, the climate control accord which the Conservatives would scrap because they say it is too costly and won't work.
Unfortunately for commuters and environmentalists, Harper's plan misses the
bus — or the streetcar — when it comes to actually improving mass transit or the
At its core, Harper's transit proposal is just another variation on standard onservative party fare, specifically that tax breaks are the answer to almost every problem.
What mass transit in Toronto and the 905 area needs is direct and continuing federal and provincial investments to buy and refurbish streetcars and buses, to extend subway service and expand GO Transit.
Increased, reliable service is what will attract new commuters to mass transit, and thus ease traffic congestion and reduce pollution.
It is highly unlikely that a single commuter in Toronto would switch from their car to a streetcar or bus because they might get a tax break amounting to barely 60
cents a day.
At the same time, Harper's plan would cost $400 million a year. He says the money would come out of funds originally set aside for the Kyoto climate change program.
That doesn't worry Harper, who denounced Ottawa's support of the Kyoto accord and said he will introduce his own plan to cut pollution.
Clearly, Harper doesn't "get" Toronto. Polls show voters in the GTA generally like the Kyoto accord.
Trying to bribe them with a small break for riding the bus or streetcar while refusing to give money to buy more buses or streetcars and at the same time gutting our international commitment on climate change is intellectually lazy.
What Harper needs to connect with GTA voters is both a realistic transit policy and an environmental program that provides real solutions and real money for real problems.

Apparently tax cuts are bribes for the Star. Apparently believing that kyoto will be anything more than a cash grab by [insert third world dictator here] is not intellectually lazy and sel-delusional.

Harper's plan will not work. Neither will the Star's stated plan, though it would seem that their real plan is to throw more money at the TTC until every one has a private streetcar or to give the transit police the new role of herding us on to the trains.

Who is intellectually lazy? Harper may well be, but the word intellectual cannot be used to describe the Star Editorial Board with their holier than though, if only everyone would listen, one right way solutions.